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Box Elder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs Are Invading Earlier This Year!

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This week’s post is to give you the heads up on Boxelder bugs. Right along in sync with everything else this year, the Boxelder Bugs are out earlier than usual.


Bumper crops of Boxelder bugs are common in dry years like we have had in Minnesota and much of the USA in 2012 mainly because with average rains the wet weather conditions will promote a fungal disease that attacks these insects and keeps their populations lower.


Because Boxelder bugs are not harmful & how you deal with them is a personal choice. The chemicals used to treat them are contact insecticides, which means they will kill the bugs they come in contact with.


In the event you want to tackle this yourself insecticides like CyKick CS or Cynoff WP contains the organic compound pyrethrin which makes it particularly effective, or if you aren’t game for doing it yourself a great company in the Twin Cities that uses “natural” or green products is Ecotech.


Caulking windows and doors and otherwise eliminating access points will reduce the number of boxelder bugs insects that get into your house. If they make it inside using a vacuum cleaner is effective. Boxelder bugs are also susceptible to soapy water. Mixing a 4% solution of liquid soap and water and spraying it on the insects will usually kill them.


We hope this helps you address early one of the annual rites of seasonal change. This is brought to you by Above All Construction with the hope that the next time you are thinking about any residential remodeling, improvements or construction projects you’ll give us a call at 952-461-3233. We guarantee your satisfaction

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